About Us


Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Our elite Restaurant is the most creative venture in SF Bay Area that has surpassed every customer’s expectations in terms of decor, hospitality, menu, flavors and out of the box presentation styles. We welcome you to come and experience the supremely personalized care and services in our world-class Restaurant in SF Bay Area. It is conceptualized as a ritzy venue, with remarkable features explicitly devised to host corporate and personal gatherings in a dynamic way. Marigold pledges and commits value, quality and service right from the moment clientele steps inside our venue till the event lasts. At last, we believe in Quality without compromise, whatever your imagination dreams up, Marigold can make it come true.

Architectural Masterpiece Banquets

Marigold Banquet Halls provides grand spaces that are flexible to fuse any style. Our banquet halls are ideal venue to conduct any big gala from wedding, birthday parties to corporate conferences, meetings and award functions. The halls possess hefty indoor area holding ample capacity to accommodate the gathering. From the banquet’s spectacular décor to grand architecture and impeccable presentation, we have something that will make every guest feel as though they have been shifted far from the hustle and bustle of world. Each nook and corner of our banquet halls are completely furnished and comes with spectacular dining furniture, comfortable seating, several lighting options, and state-of-art sound systems. We are the most demanding and renowned banquet centers in SF Bay Area known for our exceptional decorations and arrangements.

Onsite Catering

Marigold has imprinted a niche for itself for the Onsite catering in the industry. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional Onsite catering services that combines the elegance of perfectly orchestrated meal with the artistic presentation by our professional chefs. In addition, our creatively designed catering menu provide you great food options to choose from. Hired trained chefs have turn out an exquisite range of culinary delights to suit the most discerning palates. Our A1 gourmet food experience will leave the taste buds of your guests zinging for joy. Take the full advantage of our banquet with Onsite catering hospitality and cherish your big event under budget-friendly rates. We are pleased to deliver every event need under one roof. Simply share your specifications and leave the rest on us.


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